Oct 28, 2021

A close-up look at Karlo Spoon, made from cardboard

Cardbox Packaging has developed Karlo Spoon as "smart packaging solution for dairy and convenience food" in collaboration with Greiner Packaging.
Elisabeth Skoda

Following the ban on disposable plastic cutlery in the EU, Cardbox Packaging says that the spoon offers an alternative for consuming dairy or convenience products on the go. It is made  from virgin fibres approved for food contact with a water-based coating. Once used, the spoon can be disposed of with other paper waste.

Further developing the spoon in collaboration with Greiner Packaging, Karlo Spoon is easy to fold, can be attached to the product, or inserted into the lid of, for example, a yogurt. Karlo Spoon is also printable, which the company says offers a range of branding opportunities.

The spoon is shaped in a way that the food does not overflow off the edges. Instructions to assemble the spoon are included in the design. For the time being, the given product does not allow endless or long-term use, which is why it belongs in the category of classic disposable foodservice products with a limited lifespan.

In the folded state, the chance of damage to the spoon's structure is minimal.

Karlo Spoon won a European Carton Excellence Award 2021 for being a "game changer" in the disposable cutlery sector.

Jean-René  Truttmann, a member of the jury, commented: „The jury has not seen many products on the market like this spoon and we believe it will be really popular with consumers. The spoon is delivered folded so is very compact, is easy to unpack and assemble and the structural design

ensures that it holds food really well. Disposable cutlery was previously made of plastic, sometimes of wood, but this one is 100% paper based making it recyclable and sustainable."

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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