About touchpoints

On the backdrop of the digital media, e-commerce, and a proliferation of the virtual and physical touchpoints between brands and shoppers, there has never been a greater emphasis on the ability of packaging to engage with consumers. Touchpoints explores the opportunities for brands to harness technology and imagination to create meaningful packaging experiences.

On the Touchpoints website, we shine a spotlight on the industry from the perspective of design, smart packaging, e-commerce, personalization and materials and delve deeper into hot topics in our comment section.

Touchpoints exists to deliver world class content that helps brand managers and marketeers transform consumer engagement, differentiate their products and forge valuable brand experiences through packaging. Readers can expect Touchpoints to provide clear-sighted analysis, authoritative reporting and new thinking from both established visionaries and unexpected places. We delve into the key challenges facing the brands and retailers today and we drive the debate on crucial issues – from store impact to unboxing, from the implications of digitisation to the impact of new and timeless materials, and how issues such as sustainability, social media and broader lifestyle changes are shaping brand engagement.

Touchpoints strives to be as innovative and as engaging as the marketplace we talk about.